New Trailer for the Documentary. “The Beautiful Lies”

“The Beautiful Lies” is a documentary that shines a revealing light on the cosmetic and beauty industry. It showcases the passion of entrepreneurs in this business and brings transparency to product perception, health hazards, organic vs. natural ingredients, and cosmetic mislabeling. While it highlights the professionals who have achieved success through innovation, ambition, and perseverance, it also recognizes that this business is dominated by manufacturer greed and control and…

Jotovi Designs exposes “The Beautiful Lies.”


Thank You Brazil!

realhairtruth.comWe are delighted to hear that Brazil has taken a huge leap towards ending cosmetics tests on animals by voting to pass legislation last week which will end the use of animals for most cosmetics tests, omitting those that are for “ingredients with unknown effects” – as well as the sale of newly animal-tested products. The move follows the announcement by the state of Sao Paolo in January that it was to end animal cosmetics tests and is the result of efforts by a number of groups in the region. We hope that the loopholes in the proposed law can be closed to ensure that the suffering of animals for cosmetics can end. Cosmetics companies need to stop putting “crap” in their products that needs to be tested. Save the humans as well as the animals. And that’s the Real Hair Truth!

No More Cocamide DEA


Colgate–Palmolive & Lush join two dozen cosmetics manufacturers and retailers to stop the use of the chemical cocamide DEA from shampoos and other personal care products. 

You can clean your hair with just about anything.   But if you want a rich creamy foam to make it an enjoyable experience, there is one ingredient that you really must have.  Any good formulator will tell you that for a decent shampoo you really need to have a fair slug of cocamide DEA in it.  Nothing quite matches the performance this surfactant gives.   Consequently it has been one of the major ingredients in mass market and specialist shampoos and washes for years.

It came under a cloud in the nineties following suggestions that some impurities in it could, under the right circumstances react with other chemicals to form nitrosamines, some of which are carcinogenic.  Given that nitrosamines are all over the place from plenty of other sources, worrying about them in cosmetics seemed a bit precious.  For example they are created by the lightning in thunderstorms.  They are also commonly found in  food such as cured meat and whole meal peanut butter.  But nonetheless the EU cosmetic regulations were duly amended to limit the impurities and to forbid the use of Cocamide DEA with the ingredients it might react with. So belt and braces there.

And that you would have thought was the end of it.  A highly theoretical risk was identified and responded to with a heavy handed and probably unnecessary regulation.

No such luck.  With an actual link, albeit a highly tenuous one, between a cosmetic ingredient and an actual carcinogen it was only a matter of time before scaremongers got hold of it.  Cocamide DEA has been added to the list of chemicals that should be avoided by all the usual organization’s, websites  and manufacturers of high margin green products who trade on this kind of thing.

The latest wheeze is to threaten companies using this completely safe and legal material with court action.  Given that a court hearing would be bad publicity for the companies involved whatever the outcome, you can see why they caved in.

It is a shame, especially as the groups behind this kind of campaign have negligible levels of public support.  They would have little chance of using consumer pressure to force mass market brands to switch to inferior ingredients directly.  This is presumably why they have switched to litigation.

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Why is Tamara Johnson not on the front cover?

The nReal Hair Truth!

Why is Tamara Johnson not on the front cover?

In our world you do not find too many with “Heart And Soul”. People who stand for the ones who know the Real Story of the Beauty Industry but are afraid to speak or how to speak. There are people who know your burdens, problems, dilemma’s and your injustices. There are people who will pick up there cross and your cross and carry it for the well being of others. A person who commits there time to the charity of the forward progression of the industry for fellow professionals in the beauty industry. In my point of view Tamara Johnson is the most deserving to be on the front cover. This person is a role model for the youths of our industry. Giving her time to commit herself to the betterment of the industry is a paramount goal in her life. You will not see a person like this in the industry and why is she not on the front cover? Campaigning for Senator to change her industry for the better to gain a formal Licensure for the Beauty Industry is what she is all about! She is blessed with ‘Persistence, Ambition, Fortitude and also common love for her fellow professionals. You wont find that in this profession. So why is she not on the front cover? She should be on the cover of a lot of industry magazines, but she is not. “Why?, I say Why? ladies and gentlemen?”. Because when you do what is right is it not the most popular thing to do my friends. That’s why? Is it easier for you to turn your head and let the “Cronies” of the Beauty Industry take care of it for you and represent you. Knowing they could care less about your Real needs but to only have there’s sufficed. And when they take it all for themselves and you have nothing left then you will realize why Tamara was not on the front cover. Realize you have a voice, you are in control you can and will make your industry a better place. She needs your support my friends. Until then you will be force feed. You will have to deal with what is given to you. Then and only then will you realize why Tamara was not on the front cover. Then you will know why! Walking and talking the truth is a very unpopular thing to do. Some people ask why, Some people say why not!
God Bless You Tamara Johnson



I often wonder why salon owners and booth renters will buy from B’Oreal, WHY? But as soon as I think about it hairdressers are not left brain and right brained at the same time. Business is not taught in beauty schools. And if there is a business class in the hair shows it is to dump on one brand and try to sell you there’s.

So who do you want to partner with, the company that teaches consumers that they can do your job & discredits you or the ones that support the professional hairdresser? And the professional(?) Hairdresser will buy from companies such as Boreal, Paul Mitchell, Redken, TIGI, etc. knowing they do not have a EXCLUSIVE with the company. Because they are in competition with the manufacturer. The manufacturer will make a cosmetic line for the consumer and also for the professional(?). Trust me in other professions a true professional would not do this stupid mistake.
L’Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue
At-home hair dye always seems like a fine idea until you find yourself trying to mix several different foul-smelling chemicals in the right ratio while unfolding a manual the size of a roadmap for planet Earth. But, though it may be less than ideal, for many women, an expensive hours-long trip to the salon isn’t an option anymore.
It’s something that’s been in the works for over a decade, according to Luc Maelstaf, packaging designer for B’Oreal of Paris. “Everybody always dreams of a product where you push a button and a machine does the work for you,” he says. “This device does just that: It makes the hair color mix without the consumer even noticing that it’s happening.”

Maelstaf says that B’Oreal of Paris used Japanese technology to develop the packaging of the product, which is what makes the automatic, reusable qualities possible. Two separate aerosol cans are held together in a sleek plastic sleeve. One can contains the colorant; the other, the oxidant. “The reaction to create hair color only happens when you have a mix of those two things,” says Sophie Bodelin, the head of hair color labs for the France headquarters of B’Oréal of Paris. “But now you don’t have to mix it yourself. The mix is complete as soon as the product comes out of the bottle.”

But in my industry they will buy the products from Boreal and use them in there salon. And what you have to listen to now is when the customer asks you what are you using on there hair. They will ask you. And then go home and find it on the internet. Thank you internet you gave the manufacturers a ndew3 way to sell there products. And that goes like wise for the entrepreneur. A entrepreneur will have a lot of hard times in the beauty industry. Manufacturing a beauty product is not easy and it takes money from start to finish to packing. What’s left for the beauty industry entrepreneur. The internet. Cosmetics company’s have never dreamed there sales would sky rocket like they have since the birth of the internet.
So for the Entrepreneur. 
 IT’S SIMPLE AND THEY HAVE SEEN THE MAJOR MANUFACTURERS DO IT SO THEY ARE ALREADY SCHOOLED on the vast uses of the internet. And also IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF NO VALUE AND NO EXCLUSIVE FOR THERE FELLOWS IN THE INDUSTRY. That would be too much to ask for especially in day and age when EX-Monsanto employee’s run the FDA.  Why go door to door anymore to sell your product. Don’t put a face on it, don’t take any responsibility for it. When you can just plant your packaged (Soap) on the internet. And dear Lord don’t get to know your customers, because they will soon find out your product is just a private label just like the many entrepreneurs have in the beauty industry. I have a gentleman in my next film “The Beautiful Lies” who sells hair color. Since I have used his hair color I get nothing but calls from the company wanting to tell me of there newest and latest and greatest product. That I should try and mind you buy also. They never heard of having samples to give to there good clients. And if a company in my so called professional beauty industry wants to tell you the horrors of a major manufacturer it is for there goodness. They just want you to buy there shit.